I suppose it would be good form to thank for subscribing to and reading my blog. So, thank you. Now that ‘s out of the way we can get down to business.

Some (and I hope very, very few) of you might recall I already started a blog called ‘themuffledmuse’. I will now ask you to purge that from your memory. My ridiculously short-lived attempt at blogging failed miserably for an obvious reason: it was inane.

Those of you who have met me personally will know that I thrive on argument. I am wholly incapable of sustaining small talk for any longer than a couple of minutes and will take any and every opportunity to turn a conversation into a debate. As such, my attempt to be simultaneously interesting and uncontroversial was doomed to fail from the very start. Essentially, I bored myself into silence.

Now ‘Mike!’, you may well ask, ‘what does that mean for your slick new website, complete your name in the domain? What will you be posting on your blog? Your thoughts on the current pope? The evils of democracy? The pointlessness of veganism?’

Well, no, no and no, I’m afraid. At least I have no intention of doing so. I’ll be straight with you, the purpose of this site is very simple and very selfish: to promote my writing, in particular the exploits of Bartholomew Drake and Sergeant Arthur Grey (did I mention that ‘His Darker Eye’ is available on the Kindle and in paperback?).

As such, expect news of upcoming work (first and foremost, the untitled project I’m working on which shall for now be known as ‘Drake’s second outing’), the odd short story and reviews for anything I deem worth a gander.

However, if the thought of a constant stream of self-promotion makes you sick to your stomach, rest assured that I feel the same way. Therefore, in addition to the above, I shall be posting the thoughts that keep me up at night and glued to my keyboard. Some of these will no doubt be related to my work, others less obviously so. If that sounds vague, it’s because it is. I can’t promise what you’ll be exposed to. Perhaps a dissection of an argument I had in a bar over Scottish Independence, maybe a rant about the sexism inherent in Western fiction (my own no doubt included), possibly some self-indulgent ramblings on the nature of stories.

Whatever it is, I shall only share it if it’s interesting, and worthy of a conversation. So please feel free to comment and tell me I’m wrong with long, eloquent answers. In fact, I demand it.

Talk to you all soon,