His Darker Eye


Drake paused, taking another sip from his white china teacup.

“I can assure you Sergeant,” he continued, “that there is a hidden side to this world. There are forces and mechanisms as undeniable as gravity which men have yet to understand and have every right to fear. Some are rarely observed and lie beyond us, some are seldom used and lie within. However, it strikes me,”

With two fingers he tapped his face just below his eyepatch.

“that the two are not so different in nature.”



Bartholomew Drake is a gentleman who sees much. His glass eyes penetrate secrets and shadows hidden to most, making him a figure of admiration and mystery for the young sergeant, Arthur Grey.

But when murder marks the loosening of a dark hunger into London, the gentleman and the sergeant must halt it before it consumes everything in its path. What will the sergeant find when he is drawn into London’s lurking shadows? And what will he discover in the depths of Drake’s darker eye?


‘His Darker Eye’ is a fantasy thriller set in late-Victorian London and centred around Bartholomew Drake, a guarded gentleman who possesses a collection of magical glass eyes, each of which grants him a different ability.  We follow him through the eyes of Arthur Grey, a young sergeant whose enthusiasm is matched only by his naivety. At its core, ‘His Darker Eye’ is about the obscurity of human nature and the darkness that lies within us all.