Category: Poetry

Of Reflections

A broken mirror still reflects

Despite its shattered form

But faults and cracks stay ever dark

No matter how light falls.


It’s fractured, frozen, functionless

Yet ignorant in bliss

And does not, will not, ever see

Whatever is amiss.


Yet those who look upon it now

Seem scarred and brittle, broken.

Though whole enough, they cannot know

These cracks are not their own.


The eyes of others have their use

To spot one’s hidden flaws

But for God’s sake, please don’t assume

They’re just as bad as yours.

A Vicious Dog

A vicious dog attempts to maul you.

He attacks with savagery and a clear intent to kill but succeeds only in scratching your leg and terrifying your children. He then retreats to a kennel filled with puppies. He hides behind them. If you throw a rock at the kennel it will collapse and kill him. However, some of the puppies will die as well and any that survive might grow up to be just as vicious. Soon, the dog will try to maul you and your children.

You have a lot of rocks.

What do you do?


A vicious dog stands in front of you.

Every time you step towards him he growls with menace. Every time you step away he comes a step closer. His barks and snaps terrify your children. He pisses on your things and claims them as his own. Behind you is a brick wall. If you throw a rock at him he might be injured and back away. But then again, he might maul you and your children.

You have some gravel and pebbles.

What do you do?


A vicious dog stands right beside you. Another stands ten feet away.

They growl and snarl at one another. You try to walk away but the first just hides behind you. You approach the other but he just snaps at you. You are always right in the middle. The dogs’ growls are getting louder. Sooner or later, they will attack each other and you will be mauled between them.

You have nothing.

What do you do?

© 2019 Michael Scoins